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8 Reasons to Try Lake Mills Chiropractic

  1. You have heard we are the best in the area.

    Thousands of residents of Lake Mills and the surrounding area know this to be true. They trust us with their healthcare. We are proud of our reputation and how excited our patients are to share their stories with others. If you have heard this, don’t hesitate to give us a call!
  1. You’ve never been to a chiropractor.

    You’re not sure whether it’s legitimate or not. You’ve heard conflicting reports. Just last week, the American College of Physicians updated their recommendations to medical doctors. For back pain, patients should try spinal manipulation (chiropractic) before drugs! The medical community is coming on board with recommending chiropractic, so give it a try!
  1. You’re afraid of the “crack.”

    There are multiple approaches to thinking about this. First, if you don’t want to get “cracked,” you don’t have to. We have treatment methods that are low force and don’t produce any body noise. Second, consider what the crack represents. A joint cracks when it has been stretched. Gas bubble formation in the joint is actually responsible for the noise, much like opening a can of soda and hearing it snap and hiss. After the adjustment, the joint will move better and feel better. Most people feel immediate relief after an adjustment, and always say “wow that wasn’t bad at all!”
  1. You drive too far to see a chiropractor that you’ve seen for a long time.

    I completely understand this, trust me. When you find someone good, you want to stay with them. However, sometimes it becomes inconvenient and we still hesitate to look elsewhere. The result is often you not getting the care you need. I hear this all the time from patients who finally just had to try something closer to home. Guess what? They’re always happy and relieved after their first visit to LMC. Our practice emphasizes individualized care, take-home rehab and exercises, and integrated therapies (not just adjusting). It’s a great mix that helps people get better faster and stay better longer.
  1. You don’t like going to doctors.

    We hear this a lot in the office. Chiropractic treatment has two phases with two different goals. The first phase is getting out of pain and fixing your problem. This phase is more intensive but it is relatively short. We get you feeling better as quickly as we can. The second phase is preventing problems from reoccurring and keeping you pain-free to live the way you want. So if you don’t like going to doctors, why not get some preventative care, just like you would for your car or your teeth?
  1. You have tried getting better on your own, but it’s not working

    Don’t worry, you did the right thing! One of our goals of treatment is to make sure you have things to do on your own if your pain comes back in the future. This doesn’t always work though and we need to seek help. If you have tried stretching, changing your lifestyle, and exercising but it’s not getting rid of your pain, it is time to get a diagnosis of your problem and specific treatment to resolve it.
  1. You’re already a patient with us and you have that voice in the back of your head telling you it's time.

    I hear it every week. I ask the patient what brought them into the office today. They say that last week, or the week before, they started feeling stiff and have hints of pain. Instead of calling right away, they decided to wait. Without any prompts from me, they always say, “Yes I know, I should have come in last week.” It’s easier to treat small problems than big problems (and more cost-effective).
  1. You’re not sure how much it will cost.

    We are in-network with most area insurance companies. If we are not, we have affordable cash options. Give us a call and our staff will be able to get you an answer about your specific situation. However, consider this… What will be the cost if your problem continues to get worse?
If you're still reading this, it's probably time to give us a call. (920) 648-6466