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Gait Assessment:

If you have pain while running or walking, it is important to identify the source of the pain. Most of the time, the area that hurts is the effect of a problem elsewhere. For example, knee pain may result from dysfunction in the foot or hip. Here is what we will do to identify and fix your problem.

1. Take a video of you running, review it in slow motion, and look for any problems

2. Check your foot mobility and arches

3. Perform other physical testing like lunge, squat, and balance

4. Put it all together to determine why you have pain

5. Recommend strengthing and stretching exercises for your problem

6. Recommend the type of shoes that will help you

7. Recommend changes to your running technique and form

8. Recommend any additional soft tissue therapy or manipulation that might be neccessary for your problem

Good Running Form

Common Running Injuries:

Here are some running injuries that we see regularly and can help with

- Hip, IT Band, or Knee Pain

- Shin Splints

- Patellar tracking or patellofemoral pain syndrome

- Plantar fascitis

- Heel or achilles pain

- Toe pain

- Numbness in the foot or toes

- Low back, mid back, or neck pain

- Shoulder pain

- Hip flexor or groin pain

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